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Install OpenELEC with XBMC on Pi

Step 1 : Download all the needed files

You will need the following

A copy of SDFormatter (https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_3/).

The binary version of win32diskimager from this location: https://launchpad.net/win32-image-writer/+download

An image of openELEC http://openelec.thestateofme.com/ (Download the latest image file at the bottom).



Step 2 : Format the Memory Card


1.First thing to do is to format the memory card. Open up the SDformatter and run the install/setup.

2.Once installed, run SDformatter (start > all programs > SDFormatter). Select the drive that your Raspberry Pi memory card is inserted in, then click 'format'. Please note this will swipe your memory card so if you want to keep what's on it, we suggest using a different memory card.


**You will be asked to confirm the format. Click OK to continue.


3.Next you will be informed not to remove the memory card during format. Click OK.


4.Once the format is complete, click OK and close SDformatter by clicking Exit.


Step 3 : Install openELEC to the SD Card


1.Open Win32 Disk Imager and click the browse button then select the openELEC img file you downloaded earlier.

**Next thing to do is put the image onto the card. Make sure the drive your memory card is in is selected in the 'device' dropdown, then click the 'Write' button.


2.You will be asked to confirm the write, click OK or Yes to continue.


**OpenELEC XBMC will now install on your SD Card.



Finally once the writing is complete you will see a 'Write Successful' box. Click OK to finish.



That's it. Pop your memory card into your Raspberry Pi, hook it up to the TV and enjoy your new media center.

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