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Hi although I'm fairly well up on computers generally, I have only just got my Raspberry Pi up and running. My problem is connecting to the Web,

I've added a Pi Hut 802.11N Wi-Fi dongle (claimed to be mfg.for the Pi) which appears on scanning to recognise my TalkTalk network (and next doors as well). But on attempting to connect using Midori or an alternative via the START menu, I just get error messages.

I,ve attached some screen shots to give the pictiure on my attempts.

Anyone out there got ideas ??post-3581-0-47652200-1392303278_thumb.jpg

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Looks like its an DNS issue, whats in your /etc/resolv.conf ? And what happens if you enter the ip of an external site.


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Did you connect the dongle directly to the Pi, or did you plug it in to a powered hub?  Wifi dongles draw a surprising amount of current, so it needs to be plugged in to a powered usb hub connected to your Pi. If possible, make sure your Pi is close to a wifi access point.  



The output from ifconfig shows that the wifi adapter doesn't have an IP address, so DHCP is failing.  It looks like your wifi dongle gets enough power to detect your wifi network, but not enough power to communicate over it, and that's why DHCP isn't working.

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