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another noob'

unable to "sudo shutdown now" any more.

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This is a curve ball for me.


Until now:  After playing with the Pi - which wasn't that often - I did a SUDO SHUTDOWN NOW and it shut down.


The other night I was doing work on getting the HDMI resolution correct.  (Now good) and so was done with that and wanted to shut down.


Exited out of "startx" and did the usual command.


ROOT ACCOUNT LOCKED - or something like that.


It won't shut down.


Sorry I don't have EXACT details.  It happened last night and it is the next mornining.  I have kind of just got up and am wanting to post this before I forget to.   (Gold fish brain syndrome I believe it is called.)


Can anyone help?



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Shall try.

Shall research the command also.


Dumb question, but for us "noobs":


sudo - "SUperUserDo"

shutdown - (ok, obvious)

now - well that is when the machine is to shut down.


But what does the -h do/mean?

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Guest oldcity

An excellant resource are the "man" (manual) pages.

So in your linux distro open a terminal and enter

"man shutdown". (Without the quotes) Explains it all.

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Yes, I agree.


But please understand:  I am up to my eyeballs in this.  I am playing with this, and arduino and other things.


Each with their own "vocabulary".


As these two are not my main/primary one/s, I get voids in what command to use to get "help".


So:  Granted MAN works, but remembering that command is somewhat difficult.


Anyway, thanks.  I am now slightly smarter than I was before.


Still need to test it.


(ofcourse, it would be nice to learn also what "changed" to make it not shut down too.)

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