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hi all new to pi's

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hi all i am new to custom building with raspberry pi's. 


i have had 2 raspberry pi in the past. 1 i had as a file server on my network but i ran out of space and a hp micro server was given to me as a trade for that pi, and the second one i had as a movie player in my bedroom but the micro server took the place of it.


i currently have a double din clarion dvd player in my car and i am having troubles with it. 


previously i build a carputer with an intel atom board but it took up to much space, in my digging i stumbled across a carputer build using a pi and i have been hooked since. 


what i currently have done is start collecting the parts to build this system, what i have is as follows:

of course a raspberry pi type b with the 512mb ram

a 8gb sdhc card loaded with xbmc and gps maps system

a 7inch ips touchscreen panel for in the dash with secondary av with auto switch for reversing camera (have had hooked up and working with the pi just have to calibrate the touch)

a 5.1 channel usb sound card (yet to test)

a 7 port usb hub to mount in the dash (will have 4 external and 3 internal usbs)

a digital tv and digital radio usb stick (yet to test)

a gps module (found a guide to setting up and is the chip thats been setup on the gui)


just on here to learn some more and hopefully get some help to try to get the few extras i need to have a good raspberry powered carputer.

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Welcome! Great idea the carputer, it's on my list of things to do for my trackday car, add a Pi for datalogging and the like.


Please let us know how you get on :)

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yeah the the build i downloaded for xbmc is all setup and modded with the touch screen and the satnav. just need to do some tweeks and try to get the dab usb stick to work with it and i will be completly set.

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