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Hey, My name is Brian Garvey, I'm from the West of Ireland. Ive always had a keen interest in mechanical design. I have built up my own prototyping workshop which includes a drilling machine, lathe, a casting centre, and a cnc milling centre.


What is the Raspberry Slice? The Raspberry Slice is a unique and cool little enclosure I designed for use with the Raspberry pi computer.


Please find out more information on my kick-starter:










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In relation to this thread. A person has stolen my identity and entire project and hosed it on kickstarter pretending to be me. His intention was to get a ton of backers, and run off with the money. Kickstarter has been contacted about this a few hours ago, and it is shocking that such a thing could happen. The guy even stole, and was using my videos in his pitch, as well as all my text and address. He has even done the same here claiming he is from Ireland.


As you may know, Kickstarter does not allow Irish members.


I have taken Kickstarter up on this whole event as my identity has effectivly been stolen, and was allowed to be posted on the site. This puts a dim view on their security end of things, just who gets money, and if or not they are who they claim to be.


My original pitch was on Indiegogo, and it was from there all the material was taken from.



Kickstarter has now ended the fund, and the bogus member has also been deleted. I will not stop until the funders get an explaination, or compensation.

This could have turned out extrememly serious on my part at the point where he did a runner had I not spotted it in time.


I have complained everywhere about this as Kickstarter, it seems, dont want to know about it.


You have been warned, be very careful if you are funding a project from now on, it could be stolen material, and belong to anyone.



The real 'Brian Garvey', Ireland.


Look me up on twitter @ briangarveyF1 for proof.


The bogus pitch>



My original pitch on indiegogo>




Videos now tagged with warnings.

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