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[Project] A Digital Signage solution

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The Raspberry Pi seems like the perfect machine for a digital signage solution.


I just got a quote from a company for £5,000 to install a commercial box and tv system in our restaurant.


I think my £30 Raspberry Pi can do better :)




Install log to follow....

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I've got as far as getting the server setup, but the client needs "nvidia graphics" apparently so think this project is dead in the water :(




Anyone got any other solutions? I was thinking maybe a rotating libreoffice presentation

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This post caught my attention. Re digital signage.


I hope to pick up some pointers here. And I already have.


My app started out as a search for text. Then if it found a reference to a picture that got displayed. Next was video etc.


Now it can play random groupings of Large Text, video segments and pictures. Pretty much everything I want for storefront signage.


Example of the text control file:

SIX steps are cleared
in this jump
slo-mo is 1/12 speed
then full speed
with a resume for
the rest of the clip

skate_board_213 video
photo begin again pause start==900 wait=.5 speed=100 skate board
photo begin again continue pause start==900 wait=.6 skate board
photo continue resume begin start==900 wait=.5 speed=100 skate board


The ten lines of text show in delayed print (1/30 sec per character) and 48 point

Then the video starts as .9 seconds in and plays at .100 speed for 1/2 second

then it plays "AGAIN" like the first time.

Then it plays 2 times at full speed for .6 second.

Then it plays 1 more time for .5 second at slow motion then it resumes play at full speed for the rest of the short clip


Playing from a USB stick.


My intention is to port the app to Java or C+ for smart phones.


The raspberrypi sounds like a good alternative to a used PC & FlatScreen TV running 24X7 in a storefront.


The App is free.

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