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About OpenGL ES

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OpenGL for Embedded Systems (OpenGL ES) is a subset of the OpenGL 3D graphics application programming interface (API) designed for embedded systems such as mobile phones, PDAs, and video game consoles. OpenGL ES is managed by the not-for-profit technology consortium, the Khronos Group, Inc.



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there are a very well known set of tutorials for normal opengl by someone called nehe ( http://nehe.gamedev.net/ )

they've been ported to open es for android already here http://insanitydesign.com/wp/projects/nehe-android-ports/ (also here but link is down? http://embedded.org.ua/opengles/lessons.html )


as i understand it there are only minor differences with opengl and opengl es.. so most things shouldn't be too hard to fathom.


also, as far as resources go.. there is an official opengl es book (like the old opengl red book)


however as both android and iphone's use opengl es their resources, and books will also be fairly relevent.


(both the opengl es books and iphone type ones can be 'found' in pdf form online)

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I found these:




It looks like I can practice with a subset of OpenGL2 on my desktop and with a bit of wrapping/conditional compilation target GLES as well. And Mesa seems to be able to emulate GLES if needed.


Does anyone have any pointers to getting started with OpenVG.

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nice find!


i will also probably make my stuff cross compile with windows at some point, but i'm sure i'll have at least 2 RPi's in my hands by the time i get going with my project/s. (my planned engine visualises several 'dynamically' produced sets of data shall we say.. but could also be fed a music stream like a fourier output)


i found this.. "step by step how to construct a 3d engine in C using OpenGL"





the good thing about opengl is that its mostly the same API across all platforms

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