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Microsoft announces maker kit for Raspberry Pi and upgraded Windows 10 IoT Core

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Source: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2427785/microsoft-announces-maker-kit-for-raspberry-pi-and-upgraded-windows-10-iot-core



MICROSOFT HAS BEEN spelling out its future plans for the Raspberry Pi mini-computer, starting with a starter kit for would-be Internet of Things (IoT) coders who want to use Windows 10.

The Rebus Perennial single-board computer has its own version of Windows 10, known as Windows 10 IoT Core, which is pared down from the commercial edition, much to the chagrin of many, and is specifically designed for "maker" projects.

Microsoft announced in a Windows blog post that a number of new features have been added following feedback from users, such as analogue-to-digital converter support and pulse-width modulation.

The management console will also now allow additional security features such as password control and process access.

Coming soon will be enterprise grade security, including Bitlocker and Secure Boot, while flexibility is increased by a single node.js controller also in the pipeline.

The starter kit, created in association with Adafruit, contains a variety of sensors, electronic parts, wires and cables verified to work with Windows 10 IoT Core, and an SD card with the OS aboard for quick start.

Windows 10 IoT Core is available through the Windows Insider Programme, home of preview builds of Windows 10. As a version of Windows not aimed at the general public, it is likely to stay there, although it can also be found at theWindows Dev Centre.

Helen Lynn of the Raspberry Pi Foundation said: "Since the Windows Insider release of Windows 10 Core in August, we’ve found that lots of people looking for a Pi 2 are arriving at sellers’ websites from sites catering for Windows developers.

"Many Windows developers are coming to Raspberry Pi for the first time; we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome them, and we hope they’ll encounter much success and plenty of fun building with Raspberry Pi."

This year has been the biggest yet for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which has released the second iteration of the product, a monitor, a dedicated WD hard drive in association with BitTorrent and, best of all, picked up a double win at the coveted INQUIRER Tech Heroes awards, including Best Product. µ


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