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Raspberry Pi Accessories - list of

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So, what's available?


We'll update this list as and when new products are released:


Element 14 tease us with an Accessories Bundle


CJE Micros (UK) list cases and cables


Gearzap.com have Raspberry Pi boards, portable powerpacks, cables and speakers


Cellsavers only list a solitary cable at the moment


Have you spotted a new accessory? Please let me know by posting below, and I'll update this list to suit :)



Last updated 07/03/12

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I think this could be really usefull for the Pi! :)


Cheap: Some guys got this to work in ubuntu, but i guess you'll need a bluetooth device for this.. :S

http://www.amazon.co...s mini keyboard


Bit Expensive, but way better:

http://www.amazon.co...s mini keyboard



http://www.amazon.co...ywords=mini lcd




this keyboard works oob.

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