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Hi, I'm new here.


I'm keen on getting Openframeworks ( http://www.openframeworks.cc/ ) running on the PI as it's the basis for most of my work and personal projects.


There is a really good community around Openframeworks and it's a great way to learn C++ for the novices.


This sounds like an awesome plan, I was thinking of getting the kids involved in code projects.


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I just received my Raspberry, and have (at least) three projects for it already:

1: Setting up a home office / thin client to be able to access my Windows desktop from home without the need for a Windows computer

2: Prividing my wife with her own kitchen TV without the need for a second (expensive) box and usage fees for rhe cable company

3: Starting to look at emulatora for good old 80,s games consoles (reading the book "Ready Player One" is the inspiration for this project)



Ho 2709, have you had any further ideas about the thin client. I'm interested. I use VNC/TightVNC on my LAN already, and wondered if one can fit the Raspi into the network.


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