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another noob'

Trying to update my PI.

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I bought a 3.2 inch display and downloaded the drivers/image.

Not exactly a "professional" way of doing it, but the options were somewhat limited.

It boots, and the display works.  No worries, but it seems to be "stuck" at that point.

In the PDF file it is said I can switch to the HDMI output with:

And switch back to the 3.2 display with:

It goes on to say it will take a few minutes to load the drivers.

I have tried a couple of times and it doesn't seem to work.

Ok, I may not be waiting long enough.  But here is the real problem with which I face:

SUDO APT-GET UPDATE takes about 15 hours (if lucky) and fails.
Stupid me hasn't made a log so I am not sure why.   On the 3.2 inch screen it is somewhat difficult.

SUDO APT-GET UPGRADE  Well, I gave up after 36 hours.
It seemed to be stuck on wolf farm.......

10% and it was on for 36 hours.   I don't think it is going to work.

My ADSL is ok, and I can get faster speeds for watching videos etc, but the downloads are coming in at less than DIALUP speeds!

I want to get things UP TO DATE before I try all this again.  So when I get it all "up to spec" I will make an image of the card and work from there.   But for now, I have basically nothing other than the image supplied with the display.

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