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another noob'

XBMC help.

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I am a "noob" as by name says.


I have one with the 2 USB ports and have installed XMBC.


I installed one version and it didn't work/install, so I tried another one and it installed.


I have it working as in I can see things, explore network drives and view pictures.


Playing AVI or MPG files:  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.


It just starts to load and then nothing.


Luckily it hasn't hung.  I can exit out of the play, but I am really stumped to what is going on.


I have a printed file of how to install the VNC program so I can run it from the PC, but just for setting things set up now and then.


I appreciate running the VNC isn't a good idea for XMBC but as I said.....


Sorry I don't have the XMBC version as it is not often used as it doesn't play videos, so there is little point.


Oh, P.S.:  The original one (I think raspbian) could get the weather add on working, but the new version says the add on is NOT COMPATIBLE.


I shall try to find the time to get the version for my next post.  But I hope someone can help me.


P.P.S.  I think it is debian XMBC.  Dunno.  Sorry as I said, I am new to this world and vocabulary.

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