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Hello from Scotland

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As the proud owner of two Pi's (model B rev 2 & model B+) and soon to purchase two more, thought I would join a forum.


my first Pi I received for Christmas in 2012 where I fiddled about with it for a while but did nothing major. it sat dormant for 7 months before earlier this year I decided to re-investigated the media player.


I loved kodi (xbmc) running on it so I decided to buy another two, for the kids TV and our bedroom and I'm away to spend Christmas installing Ethernet around the home :D


until then I recently bought a B+ as my project board. I'm working with all sorts of inputs & outputs from light, temperature, sound, video, control mains electricity and so forth.


with a good kids background in electronics (my dad was a sparky) I grew up using a science 300-in-1 kit etc. but it has been a number of years since I was a kid myself. therefore I will ask obvious questions.

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