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another noob'

RPI Mk2 B setup problems.

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I know I am way behing with getting the new one, but now I have.


Got the micro SD card, coppied the files as needed and booted it.


"I need network connection"


Ooops!  Forgot that that!


Quickly grabbed my Cat5 cable and plugged it in the Pi.


N O T H I N G !


I notice the new one has LEDs on the RJ45 connector.   They aren't glowing.




Tried a couple of cables, a couple of sockets.    NADA!


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The "INSTRUCTIONS" given and what really needed to be done ARE different!


Fixed that problem, but now I have noticed there is no USB power.


So the mouse/keyboard don't "work" - funny that.


The screen is working and I am asked which OS I want to install.....


But as I can't select any and press "go" it is a bit of a sticking point.

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You may need a powered hub. A lot of USB keyboards draw more current than the pi can provide. Check out the recommended hardware list to see if your keyboard/mouse are listed as working or not.

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