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Andrew Westrem

Hey hey :-) looking for some info about pi as a media machine

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I uhh.. have been thinking about getting a pi.


It may be the most basic of its potential but I'd like 1 to essentially do media. Be my sabnzbd downloader/watcher via hdmi. And rock popcorn time.


The last info I found said that freenode support was all that held the pm back from popcorn time.


Has that been addressed?


Assuming there no problems with sab on raspbian or whatever I feel confident I could get it setup.


Just mainly curious if popcorn time works or if there are any alternatives.


I did see one mentioned like xbmctorrent..sources from yify. Similar interface. Granted that was an article from May.

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Hey glad your interested in a raspberry pi there awesome as for the os there are so many versions of Linux for arm chips now and also android so that is your call I like raspbian its just a modded version of Debian also have not tried pop so hope someone can help you with that

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