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Franco Makou

Only red led but boots sometimes

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I don't understand why it works sometimes then it doesn't.

I check the SD card and openelec is perfectly installed.


This is my second raspberry pi by the way.


I'm using a 2amp Samsung charger..



Is there anyway I can fix this? I feel like it's hardware


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Hi there. I am new to Raspberry Pi too and have just joined to answer your question in case I can help. I am still learning but found the same problem the other day. I had tried reinstalling the operating system which didn't work but then bought a new SD card and it worked fine. I could access the old card and could see it had all the files but then noticed it had a bit of trouble sometime being read. Now with the new card it is working faultlessly

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Do you have an extension cord with surge protection?  That can help with power supply issues.  Sometimes noise in the mains supply can disrupt a Pi.  I think this is less of a problem with the Pi B+ because of its improved power handling.

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