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Pi as a reef tank controller

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Have one of my Pi's set up controlling my Saltwater reef tank.

I'm using an 8 channel 5V relay board similar to the Sainsmart board.  I built my own driver board that is controlled by the Pi's GPIO.

it is currently keeping the temperature of the tank between 77 and 77.5 Degrees F. using a Dallas DS-18B20 one wire temp sensor.  It also displays the current time and tank temp on the PiTFT display.  It controls GPIO 17 to toggle the heater on and off.

GPIO's 18.22.and 23 control my lights.  Moon lights, Actinic Lights and Daylight lights.  each on their own schedule.

my next couple projects are to create a web interface to use to remotely be able to set times/temps, An interface on the PiTFT to have the same functionality, and a feed function.  when I want to feed the fish it will turn off the powerheads, pumps and skimmer for a fixed interval of 10 minutes, then automatically restarts them all.


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this is a great idea! I own a 200gallon tropical tank and my external heater recently went on the blink, the microcontroller has went kaput. I've been planning on repairing it but this solves my lighting timer problem & this in one.


thinking as well, a water level sensor?

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Yep. I have expanded it with 4 channels of 0-10v for LED control, 8 channel ADC for input with 1 channel set up for a PH probe, expanded IO to 32 channels, 8 I'm using for relays.




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