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Which programming language

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Getting ready to start a project with the Pi as a controller and monitor of my saltwater reef aquarium. Basic digital inputs, temp, PH, salinity, IR remote and touch screen keypad, digital out, lights, pumps, heater. Notifications via email about params being out of range, Web interface and local display.

I VAGUELY remember some C programming, a little perl as well.

The Pi seems to have a leaning towards Python as well... Any suggestions on what would be the most efficient language to write this software in? Not concerned about having to learn a new language... I pick things up pretty quick.




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I used C for 20 years and recently switched to Python.  I really prefer Python because you don't have to worry about as many details like allocating memory.  I find that I can get things done much more quickly in Python than in C.  I considered learning Perl, but I don't think it's commonly used these days.

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