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How to easily install Fedora Remix 14 to your Raspberry Pi

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How to easily install Fedora Remix 14 to your Pi

I've noticed some users having issues with installing Fedora, so this is the most simplest way to get it, without having to download the Software Image from any other site, but the installer will download the software itself.

1. Download the installer for Windows [ Fedora installer / Linux Others Installer ( Python ) ]

2. Unzip the windows file to an easy destination. Then Right click and run as Admin with highest privileges.

3. Once the installer has started , then click the refresh (circle) button to refresh all of the download packages.

4. Select the image "Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix 14" ( or select the image if you downloaded it separately)

5. Refresh the list of devices till you see your SD card drive.

6. Select your SD card

7. Click INSTALL

8. Wait for installation to complete, and then remove the SD card, and boot with your Pi. Enjoy

Note: Obviously, since you're flashing / formatting your SD card, all the data will be removed, so back up anything important which is on the card.


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Guest thomasfoltz

Every time I've tried this, it won't boot up on my Raspberry Pi. Looking at the SD card I noticed a Kernal.img file, could that be the problem. I used the installer from Windows 7 and chose to download the Fedora Remix package. I have been successful with other operating systems, just not Fedora.

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