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Created a custom case? Let us take a peek!

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My casing is a recycled subwoofer casing. It's kind of "big" but not really. Just big enough to accomodate a dedicated speaker inside the case. Part of my plan is also to make it a dedicated internet radio.

My purpose was to make the cabling/wiring neat and only coming from one side of the case instead of all around the Pi board which makes it look very cluttered. I've used an RJ-45 and HDMI couplers and a 3.5mm audio jack and composite video splitters and place all of them at the back of the casing. All of the "ports" are neatly installed behind the casing.

My initial thoughts on putting 2-USB powered LED fans are just for bling. But then, when I overclocked my R-Pi board tp 950Mhz (High setting), the fans are actually doing a great job in keeping the chips' temperature between 34C & 35C. I've tried powering down these fans and the temps immediately went up to 42C.


Photos are here (on separate thread):





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Squeezing mine into an old Amiga game cartridge, very retro;)




sent from the thing I stab with my finger when I get two minutes


Can you post an image? Inside too if possible.


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