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Found 2 results

  1. Hi ! I made a webserver with my Raspberry pi with the idea of sharing others webservers projects made in a raspberry pi too. The idea is simple, the webserver's owner post some basic information about his site like a short description, their location, mail, name's project etc. After sending the form your webserver is displayed as a post and all the users can acces the site only in one click or get into your own description page where a google map is displayed with your location and others informations. So, here is the link http://www.pirepository.com The site is in beta mode because there is a lot of work to do but I desided to make it public because I want to see users reactions. If you find some bugs or you think I should add or remove something or you only want to give your advice please contact me at contact@pirepository.com Hope you enjoy my site and see you soon in the forum.
  2. Hi, just signed up so I thought I’d give a quick summary of the things that I’m doing… My first model RPI I turned into a web-enabled (intranet) CCT camera that my wife can view the front door from either her desktop or her Kindle Fire. This uses “motion†and a Logitec self powered webcam – a few “niggles†with this but got there in the end. The annoying thing was that I purchased the webcam because it was cheap (£5) from Amazon, wrote a review, and the suppliers put their price up to £15. It’s not worth £15. My second latest model Pi is going to be phase-II of my Demijon project that counts the bubbles passing through the fermentation locks on Demijons. Since the number of bubbles (i.e. CO2) is directly proportional to the amount of alcohol produced, I’m going to monitor the annual damson wine production! This uses an Arduino Uno and an I2C 3-wire comms connection for transferring data since both the Arduino and the Raspberry have this built in as standard. So far so good – data are logged to a MySQL database on an Ubuntu Netbook laptop, but this may be migrated onto the Raspberry later, which may also become the web server generating SCADA-like web pages using PHP to access the data. Cool eh?

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