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Found 3 results

  1. Marine Autopilot Project My 42 ft sailing catamaran has an old old Robertson autopilot, which was high tech in its day but now there are only one or two people capable of repairing it. My autopilot steering motor is a simple electric motor, driven by 12 vdc, simple relay output, one way for port and one way for stbd, includes an intregrated clutch which engages motor when autpilot is on. Required Inputs: 1. Rudder position -- operated by a mechanical arm at rudder post -- quantitative left, right, or center. Ought to be some industrial USB device that indicates rotation, or an arm driven potentiometer? 2. USB GPS output -- current course in degrees. Required Settings: (software) 1. Desired course 2. Rudder response magnitude 3. Rudder response speed/delay 4. Rudder reverse response (meeting -- when turning to port, as rudder returns to center, it steers a bit to stbd first, then centers, to prevent ovcer steering.) 5. Degrees and time for uncorrectable off-course alarm. Required Outputs: 1. Steering commands -- voltage to relays to operate steering motor -- stdbd & port. 2. Autopilot on -- engage steering motor signal (Note: Steering motor has integrated clutch, which releases when autopilot switches off). Power signal to relay to motor clutch. 2. Total Failure alarm (relay driven, deadman switch, system failure drops input to relay, which failure sets off sonalert) 3. Uncorrectable off-course alarm ( a software setting -- allowable degrees and time off course). Considering attempting to integrate such a RPI unit to OpenCPN [ http://opencpn.org/ocpn/ ] I am on old web programmer, with a bit of various Basics and C++ . Any suggestions or pointers would be appreciated. I believe strongly in modifying other people's open source code.
  2. I would love to give your project the recognition it deserves. Now matter how big or small i would like to feature you on the website www.raspberryp.com If you are writing a blog, creating a project or would like to provide tutorials, information or anything at all please let me know. I will always provide links to your own website or blog and most importantly you will always get all the credit. either email me info@raspberryp.com or get back to me on here and i look forward to featuring your work soon.
  3. Hey there, I am new user here and I was wondering if anyone of you can help me. I have a project where i am suppose to make a camera which would record only once it detects motion. To detect motion I was thinking of using a PIR sensor but i am not sure how to make the camera record. Can I use the Raspberry Pi board to connect the camera and record once the PIR sensor detect motion. Is it possible. I have never used Raspberry Pi so I am not sure if this would be a good project to use it. Thanks in advance, Madman

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