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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, First off - I'm a newbie with a new Raspberry Pi that I got myself as a post-Xmas present!!! I have a Mac Mini at home running OS X 10.9 Mountain Lion, connected to a Thunderbolt display. Now, I don't have a TV or any other external display, and I found out that there are no adapters available for Thunderbolt displays, so I have to set up the Pi to run "headless". The Pi came with a pre-installed NOOBs SD card, but unfortunately that means upon startup, I will have to select from a menu of possible OS'es to install, which requires the Pi to be initially connected to an external display. Since I don't have one, I thought I'd download my own OS (Raspbian Wheezy), write it onto a new SD card and boot the Pi from that. So far, so good, right?? I have been having all sorts of trouble doing this for some reason... I downloaded the latest version of Raspbian Wheezy from the official website, verified the checksum and unzipped the image on my Mac. Then I popped a brand new 4G SD card into the Mac Mini SD card reader, and used DiskUtility to erase it and reformat it in FAT32. df -h shows this SD card as /dev/disk3s1 I unmounted the SD card from DiskUtility, and from Terminal: sudo dd if=2013-12-20-raspbian-wheezy.img of=/dev/disk3 bs=4m And waited a while for the process to complete, which it appeared to do without any issues. However, when I tried to mount it on my Mac Mini, it said the SD card was unreadable. Running VerifyDisk on DiskUtility, it said "Invalid BS_jmpBoot in boot block:fab800" And I could not run a Disk Repair on it, it just asked me to reformat it and back up files, etc.etc... Does anyone know what might have gone wrong? I've repeated the process a couple of times and it always ends up at this stage - very frustrating! Any insight would be appreciated

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