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Found 1 result

  1. The Raspberry Pi Foundation and electronics design portal element14 are offering techies a chance to win a free Raspberry Pi computer. The "Raspberry RoadTest Challenge" asks contestants to answer the question, "What innovation will you create using the amazing Raspberry Pi computer?" Element14, a division of technology distributor Premier Farnell, announced a deal with the Raspberry Pi Foundation in late February to distribute $35 Model B Raspberry Pi computers with two USB slots, 256MB of RAM, an HDMI slot, an SD memory card slot, and an Ethernet port. A $25 version with just one USB port called the Model A will be made available later this year. While the bare-bones, credit-card sized Raspberry Pi computer has been attracting a lot of attention since the foundation started accepting pre-orders late last month, the project hit a snag a few days ago when it was discovered that a production run of Raspberry Pis built the computers with the wrong jacks. The Raspberry Pi Foundation said in a Thursday blog post that "specifically, where we'd specified jacks with integrated magnetic in the CBOM and schematics, the factory soldered in non-magnetic jacks. No magnetic means no network connections." The organization said it had known about the issue for four days, but hadn't said anything because it was conducting further tests to make sure nothing else was wrong. For existing models, Raspberry Pi claimed it's a "very minor problem to fix." It must desolder the wrong jack and attach the correct one. The production plant is almost done fixing the first round of computers, it said. However, there are some foreseeable issues in securing the proper jacks for the next round of Raspberry Pis, because all of the Ethernet ports Raspberry Pi thought it had turned out to be the wrong part. Though it's already searching for the jacks, the organization said there could be future delays. Whether that could also mean delays in the delivery of Raspberry Pis to the RoadTest Challenge winners remains to seen, but those wishing to enter the contest had better not delay getting their entry forms in. The winners will be announced March 14 (also known as "Pi Day," fittingly) and details for entering the contest can be found on element14's dedicated contest page. Source: PCMag

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