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Found 1 result

  1. My idea for the Pi is a carputer. The idea grew pretty quickly and may have exceeded the capacity of a single Pi, it may require a Pi cluster. See the attached picture for a sketch of the idea. In its first stage it will be an OBDII logging system with GPS location data associated with it. Pi time can come from the GPS so logs are accurately stamped. The use of a few 1-wire temperature probes would provide temperature data for outside, and inside the car, perhaps engine and engine compartment as well. Environmental temperature data may be useful along side the OBDII data. The addition of a small battery UPS allows for a controlled shutdown, and transfer of data, see next item. I'm uncertain on display options yet, I was initially thinking of just a small LCD screen for system status and some alerts. However, I am now thinking of a small 7"ntsc LCD screen, or an HDMI screen The addition of a wifi interface allows for the transfer of data to the home server when a friendly wifi network is found at vehicle shutdown (perhaps home or work wireless) . Once a wifi network interface is present it could be used as a "stumbler" as well? Bluetooth could be added for a kybd/mouse interface as well as phone interface. Could the Pi access Internet over phone when no friendly wifi available? Could Pi be a hotspot ? A rear facing webcam could provide service as backup/parking assist cam, and a forward facing one a crash cam . A trigger from an accelerometer could trigger the saving of the previous 15 secs of video plus the next 15 seconds. A somewhat ambitious project but I think I can build it in phases adding blocks along the way. What do you think ?

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