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Found 6 results

  1. I am trying to set up a solar-powered wifi webcam mounted outside in my house in Greece. (I just want to be able to checkout the views when I'm back in the UK.) I have set up the web-server software (Dyalog APL for the Pi) to take and post still images every 5 secs. When I first tried this, the images taken outside were all wildly overexposed, although those taken inside the house were fine. I tried changing the settings (exposure, white-balance, ISO etc) with no appreciable improvement. Admittedly the light levels are bright here, but I assumed I'd damaged the camera module and bought another one. Sadly the second module performs in exactly the same way. However, while I was testing the second camera module I discovered that a few of the images were perfect - about 1 in 20. All the rest are wildly over-exposed. So, I have 3 pictures taken at 5 second intervals with near-identical lighting conditions, with the middle one perfect and the other 2 hopelessly overexposed. Can anyone advise/help ?
  2. Multiple web-cams ?

    Hi all, I have someting I'd like to do that would require a single system with 3 (or even more) web-cams, I've neve programmed for web-cams before on any system but I know both Windoze and OSX can be programmed to handle multiple cameras in the way I wish (i.e. so input from each can be manipulated in various ways including combining them) but I don'y know if the same can be done under Linux, or more especially under Linux on the Pi. Is this possible ? Does anyone have exampe code ? Thanks for reading Dave Makin (Makin' Magic Fractals) http://www.fractalgallery.co.uk/ http://www.fractalforums.com/
  3. Hello we are doing a kickstarter project for Raspberry Pi, Pan-Tilt mount for Raspberry pi camera http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/184 ... -pi-camera if you find interesting please support us. Thanks Nitin
  4. Hello we are doing a kickstarter project for Raspberry Pi, Pan-Tilt mount for Raspberry pi camera http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/184 ... -pi-camera if you find interesting please support us. Thanks Nitin
  5. Objective: Compare reference image (1920×1080) in the memory Starting point: There is reference image in the memory of the Rpi I have a fixed camera set up to take an image of always the same object whenever I push the button. The object that needs to be fotographed might be slidely different from the reference (for example a part is missing) Actions: After pushing the button I want the Rpi to do the following Whenever a picture is taken I want to compare that newly taken image with the reference image. When there are no differences between the newly taken image and the reference image I want a green flashlight to start flashing for 5 sec. Where there is a / are difference(s) I want the Rpi to show on a display roughly the difference (pointed out with a area circle or so) After this a reset button has to be pushed so the program starts al over again. Does anyone have experience with this.? Can anyone help?
  6. Hey there, I am new user here and I was wondering if anyone of you can help me. I have a project where i am suppose to make a camera which would record only once it detects motion. To detect motion I was thinking of using a PIR sensor but i am not sure how to make the camera record. Can I use the Raspberry Pi board to connect the camera and record once the PIR sensor detect motion. Is it possible. I have never used Raspberry Pi so I am not sure if this would be a good project to use it. Thanks in advance, Madman

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