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Found 6 results

  1. ...but we never followed through. This time we will. Previously we had been prototyping very successfully but with expensive Windows 7 and 8 HW/SW packages. Currently looking at leveraging RPi as a combination information (Kiosk) display board and environmental parameters aggregator. Put another way, it displays data from several locations while sending its own localized data (from a sensor array) to an external server. This is an industrial health application designed to monitor workplace safety. Any thoughts on good RPi compatible kiosk software? What are the tricks to integrating Arduino systems? Any good emulators for RPi?
  2. ¿Te gusta Raspberry Pi has oído hablar de ella pero nunca has podido tocar una? ¿Todos tus amigos hablan de Raspberry Pi y no sabes que es? ¿Hace tiempo compraste una Raspberry Pi y todavía no la has sacado del embalaje? ¿Tienes una Raspberry Pi pero te da miedo quemarla? Si has respondido que Sà a alguna de las preguntas anteriores, ANDOROBOTS (http://www.andorobots.com/) y AESS-Estudiants (http://aess.upc.es/) te dan la oportunidad de introducirte al mundo Raspberry Pi de forma totalmente gratuita. El domingo día 10 de Noviembre de 10 a 12 horas dentro del evento BCNDEVCON (http://bcndevcon.org/) situado en el DHUB (http://www.dhub-bcn.cat/es)(Plaza Glóries). Vas a tener la oportunidad única de asistir a un curso de introducción totalmente gratuito en el que vas aprender todo aquello que quisiste saber pero nadie te ha contado para empezar a jugar con Raspberry Pi.
  3. I’ve just ordered the next revision of the Sleepy Pi board for test and am I’d love to give out some of this next batch of boards to the community to test out. In terms of functionality the Sleepy Pi is essentially a Smart Power Management board for the Raspberry Pi that includes a low power Arduino that stays powered when the Raspberry Pi is off. In this way it can reduce the overall power used by the RPi, particularly when powered from batteries in applications where the RPi doesn’t need to be on all the time. You can think of it as adding a “Sleep†mode to the Raspberry Pi, because the Arduino can periodically wake the RPi up to perform a task and then put it back to sleep. As a side benefit you also get some Arduino I/O to play with, like Analogue Inputs and PWM’s. Key functions: Reduce the effective Power consumption of the Raspberry Pi Power directly from batteries up to 17V Adds Arduino I/O to the Raspberry Pi such as Analogue In or PWM Break out the Raspberry Pi GPIO & Arduino I/O to screw terminals Prototyping area and expansion headers for daughter boards Power button for manual switch on/off “Wake†or “Sleep†in response to events or triggers such as: - Analogue value crosses a threshold - Digital input changes - Specific time to “wake†via Real-time Clock I actually designed this as an add-on to a humane Mouse-trap. These are all well and good, but if you don't check them every day, the poor mouse still snuffs it. The idea of the Sleepy Pi is that it'll implement a "Wake-n-Mouse" (as opposed to Wake-on-Lan ) and take a photo of the captive mouse and either tweet or email it to me. Is this something people could use? Can you think of an applications you'd use one for? I would love to hear any feedback. You can contact me either through the forum or on my blog at http://www.spellfoundry.com
  4. Hi Fellow Fruity Tinkers, Looking at setting up a webserver with RP and perhaps interface with my favourite Arduino, at the same time have another RP running XBMC playing my fav music. Let's do it! Cheers from downunder!
  5. Hi, I’d like to share with you the opening of our website dedicated to Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other electronic components. To celebrate this special occasion we’re offering you a 5% off your first purchase using the coupon: FOR5 Use it at checkout to get the discount, but hurry up, cause this special offer will end on Friday the 7th. Any feedback is strongly appreciated, even better if you share the news with your friends! http://www.nudatech.com
  6. Hello all! I thought I would post a project I have been working on. I call it the FruitStand. The name is largely Raspberry Pi influenced, however its just as much for smaller boards like the Arduino. Basically it gives you a nice sturdy place to pop your boards in an out of. I just launched it on Kickstarter.com, but I really would like some feedback for you all. I have attached some pictures of it on this post. Thanks, Ben

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