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Found 3 results

  1. We are doing a project for our intro to programming class. We are making a temperature sensor that will send our data to sen.se. When we run our program on our raspberry pi this comes up: Traceback (most recent call last) : File "/home/pi/Desktop/1.py", line 14, in <module> device_folder = glob.glob(base_dir + '28*')[0] IndexError: list index out of range What does this mean? and how can we fix it? Thank you temperature code.txt
  2. Hi I had just purchased a Raspberry Pi, and the person I bought it off put XBMC for me. I went home and tried to download all the repositories and add-ons but this things keeps popping up (Universal Music Scaper: this repository is marked Broken, would you like to Disable it? Yes or No) But no matter what which one I press its the same thing that keeps popping up! So when ever I tried to Install the Repositories from Fusion sources and I go to Get addons and click on the addon there is nothing inside to install, (every time I click on the addon to install the program the message comes up) I tried force refresh but when ever I try that the message keep popping up! so if it wasnt for this message popping up I think I can start installing all the programs I want on it. My question is plain and simple, How do you fix this problem so I dont have the "(Universal Music Scaper: this repository is marked Broken, would you like to Disable it? Yes or No)" POPPING UP!!???? thank you,
  3. Hello! Good afternoon for all.. I`m having a hard journey with the raspberry pi... I formatted raspbian and I should do anything ... but, yesterday I found a wall ... he just enter in the command line, my sudo, apt-get....and similar commands not longer start...I don`t know if the problem are int the raspberry pi (board) or in other device, for example the SD card.. already formatted to much times, so in only time he come back normally, but in the reboot.... come to the even problem... Stay a little raspberry in the up-left side and the settings normally, my command line began in character # (must be pi@raspberry ... hummm strange..) I`ii put images here, for the more understanding.. look to the uname -a: show (none) in opposite the raspberry... info: - sd card is the Kingston 16 Gb(two partitions, boot (1 GB) and datas(15GB)) - distro raspbian armel11 - you can ask anythink about this...hugs

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