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Found 1 result

  1. I wanted to post my experience of Automatic Torrent Scheduling (ATS) and using it with my XBMC media centre on Raspberry Pi. The two clients I have used are Couch Potato https://couchpota.to/ for Movies and Sickbeard www.sickbeard.com for TV shows. I run these web based clients on my Home Server, You can run them using your Pi as a server but for my use I prefer using my home server. My Pi is attached to my TV and is purely a media centre. Both Sickbeard and Couch Potato are fairly easy to setup and you can begin scheduling torrents immediately. You can choose the torrent client to use and choose where the files are downloaded to, for me they are downloaded to my NAS (Network attached Storage). So for example I want to download a HD 1080p copy of Django Unchained as soon as it is available. I search for Django unchained on Couch Potato and select the quality I want and it is added to my queue. You can change the search variables such as how often it will search etc.. Now my PI is set to update the library every time it is turned on, for this reason I turn it off every night when I go to bed and turn it on every morning when I wake up. On the main menu of XBMC I have my libraries “Movies†and “TV Shows†as soon as a new file is found by the library search it is added as a thumbnail to my recently added items, these show up on the home screen when you hover of the “Movies†or “TV Shows†tabs. So each morning I can wake up turn on the Pi and will see straight away everything that has been added overnight. I can then begin watching my 1080p copy of Django unchained immediately. Sickbeard is a little different although the idea is still the same. The difference is you search for a TV show such as “South Park†and it populates a list of every episode ever released including specials and a list of future releases. If you are anything like me and watch every episode of South Park as soon as it is released then you will only need to select the future episodes. As they are usually once a week. As soon as that weeks episode is available on torrent it will be downloaded and will appear in the recently added TV shows the same as the movie did. So I never need to search for all my favourite TVshows again in order to download new episodes. The new episodes will simply appear as soon as they are available. To download the Sickbeard or Couch Potato clients please visit the software section here.

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