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  1. Cool (pun intended) project I have a friend whose office is constantly fluctuating in temperature that, when the HVAC service tech is there, is fine .... a historical web enabled log of temp is exactly what is needed
  2. Well that was a crazy few months - I'm hoping to pick up this project this winter season. I had a look around and have sean more and new projects with similar ideas. We should have lots of options to look at and try
  3. Hi trask You issue sounds like what tripitaka and I were working on in the spring. I had to drop off the conversation but am now gettign back into it. I wonder if tripitaka has it working ?
  4. hi, any progress on this? I've been distracted by work lately . Were you able to get the dhclient files we discussed, or have you resolved the dropped connections ?
  5. there is also this tutorial here as well on using batteries http://www.rpiforum.net/forum/tutorials/article/17-how-to-portably-power-your-raspberry-pi-with-a-battery/
  6. Its coming along good. just looking at taking it mobile now/ Issue 6 of the TheMagPi ( http://magpi.techjeeper.com/The_MagPi_issue_6.pdf ) has a sample power regulation circuit it in it. I'm rethinking how the unit powers up and down to see if I could use a always on type of setup allowing me to use a simple power regulation like this one.
  7. :-) I went there too, to the java script call and lost it at that point - I may grab a packet capture of that process to see the URL called by the java as for the Midori, I missed that it worked from the GUI, just not from the cmdline launch. I wonder if there is something there for us Yes, the complex string of characters for the user-agent ( all the special symbols like .\/[]() etc) get messed up in a script and need to be escaped or encoded which I've not had any luck doing. As I mentioned, I tried adding the user-agent in the default config file for chrome as well and had the same problem let me try midori again and see what I can see there
  8. hi Nick - Is this "profile feed" an secure way to chat between members ?

  9. Very cool project, and yes, very nice container for you collection of Pi's
  10. Hi - before we switch it to a fixed address, can we have a quick look at the dhclient config history ? Can you try this command grep dhclient /var/log/syslog > ~/dhclient_history.txt this will create a file called dhclient_history.txt in the current user's home dir, likley /home/pi/ then can you attach it here, or send me your email and we can converse that way you mentioned wifi, is this Pi connected via wifi ?
  11. No problem, always glad to help, especially the FD folks about your networking question, I'm not sure I understand the problem. Can you describe the problem and why you think its a dhcp issue ? Is your station network run by the city/municipality, or is t a local DSL/cable style Internet connection that you manage yourself ?
  12. Cool setup Svante, these little Pi's are pretty amazing systems I like your cluster setup, it needs a name though ..... what do you call a Pi cluster ?
  13. Hello dwcar49us, i believe you can also change your keyboard mapping by using the command sudo raspi-config while logged in as the pi user it fires up the initial cfg process
  14. So, it looks like it is the user-agent string - I just can not find a way to set it in the cfg file or a script where it doesn't get mangled up - I'll look at it more over the weekend (we're getting a snow storm so won't be going far)

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