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  1. yaa, its beta case.. need a prototype before real case manufactured. This case will include alfa card on top, and raspberry on below. So its will contain powerful alfa on the sweet pi
  2. OK, I manage to make Alfa AWUS036NHR works on the Pi. The driver compilation little bit tricky. Because of the powerful alfa 2000mW, Do NOT use baterry as power source. Here is my Pi with alfa AWUS036NHR model, manual handcraft work.
  3. hey nick, what is the pi password, i've tried pi /raspberry but didn't success.
  4. hi, what would be the password? tq
  5. ya ya.. must add auto eth0 first. shuld be like this: auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address netmask gateway
  6. Hi, Whoola pi users. /me from Malaysia. i'm also using one. now in the making to make my wifi card AWUS036NHR working on in. Regards Tr4nsltr
  7. Hi all, how to fix the raspberry pi waiting for /dev to be fully loaded ... It seem it taking longer time when my rpi booting. thanks

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