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  1. I am hoping to replace my Opensuse desktop running Nagios to monitor other stuff around here, a mail server, and pop3 server, mediawiki and Elog. Said desktop has a 40 GB drive and have a 32GB in one of my 2 Pi Bs. One currently running nagios, using OMD distribution. The other I am working on getting towards the goal, and sometimes putting a raspbmc card in it to see other parts of the world. Spent too long in the last 24 hours finding out the hard way that support for my wifi (EW-7811Un) was already built in to wheezy, and then working out the llines in the /etc/networks/interfaces to make it go on my wpa/wpa2. wpa-ssid "MySSID" wpa-psk "MyPassword" was the bit I needed. as well as auto wlan0 iface wlan0 inet dhcp More adventures coming no doubt.
  2. More options is not a bad thing.

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