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  1. Ok so got my pi and first thing I did was make a retro game emulator. And I really enjoyed building it, I know its basic follow instructions but it's still enjoyable. So I have a project in mind that I'd love to figure out and work on while in go through the learning process. I would love some direction as to what type of language start looking into. Here's the overall plans: Basics- custom air hockey table score keeper with 3 periods of selectable length (3,5,10,20). Using tv/monitor to show score and time and period - along with some custom graphic.( mimic the look and feel of a arena Jumbotron) The bonus features: would love to have custom sound clips during certain events ( goals, end of period, end of game, last minute of period) I'm an auto mechanic, so basic circuits and such are easy for me to understand. I also take well to reading things that are explained to me. Hoping you guys can direct me to what I need to read up and learn about and give me some direction to start. Adam

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