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  1. http://welltorg.com/

  2. http://next-hosting.info

  3. Homework help?

    Where I can find best tutor for assisting me doing assignments, homework help and also offer tutoring services? I need Immediate help..Thank you. Гадание Таро Ðовое знакомÑтво
  4. I'm sure it's easy if you know how; just can't work out how to do this.. Love it if you can help, please? http://3-an.ru- кондиционеры и вентилÑциÑ
  5. could u please explain a bit more on SNR and attenuation values, what is considered Excellent/Good/OK/Bad/terrible ? Любовный гороÑкоп @MegaTaro_ru
  6. Tutorial: autostart x11vnc in Raspbian

    it doesnt look like you have write access to open glide on sourceforge? дженерики ÑиалиÑа в моÑкве
  7. Trying to update my PI.

    Just to be sure, you are trying to land at the sight of the shipwreck Correct? If not, thats where the urchin can be found... ÑÐ¸Ð°Ð»Ð¸Ñ Ñ‚Ð°Ð±
  8. USB Server for Raspberry PI

    I switched last week from 4.7 to 5.0.5. and I am very surprised how fast and good it works with my old hardware. One thing that I missed at 4.7 was to install my USB-Scanner on it to make it possibe to use it over the Network, or to get the picture be stored automatic in some folders, or get it print out automatically on the print server installed on the unRaid. Has somebody a idea how to accomplish this Idea?
  9. Just to know whether there is a solution for Snow Leopard? it doesnt work on mine without any error message / feedback. click
  10. Rasbperry Pi Touchscreen

    Thats awesome. It really looks clean and OEM. Id love to hook a 7" touchscreen up to a laptop under the seat. mp3, games, videos, internet thro ur mobie ... could even use a DV camera on it.
  11. hallo von deutschland

    Hallo zusammen, mit einigen Freunden planen wir im Sommer eine Kanuwandertour. Allerdings wьrden wir dabei gerne von Holland nach Deutschland fahren. Hat einer von euch Erfahrungen und kann mir einen geeigneten Fluss nennen, den man auch in diese Richtung befahren kann? Vielen Dank und liebe GrьЯe http://likelafe.ru
  12. First 30 minutes

    aint perfect but it works im happy for my first try. my lines arnt very good but thats what i get for not usin the right masking tape. will get some pics of it on the heli tomorrow. http://likelafe.ru
  13. Raspberry for Smart Cities

    Minidwep is just a script should work on pi as long as you have zenity or xdialog and aircrack installed. Don't think there will be a xiaopan for pi but would be easy enough to build one based on picore.

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