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  1. I ordered from RS and was quoted 17 weeks. I tried Farnell and they quoted 3 weeks. Even better, 8 days later, Farnell emailed me to say it is on the way!! Sadly, that was two days ago and it hasn't arrived yet. Odd how I was prepared (reluctantly) to accept 17 weeks before it was dispatched and yet I was disappointed when it did not arrive next day once it had been. I remember when things had to be ordered by Mail Order and it took a standard '28 days for delivery'. Now we are so used to the sort of awesome service we get from Online Suppliers such as Amazon that we get upset when things are not at the doorstep next day. Oh well, another day won't hurt. Even more annoying is that I have a total of four computer monitors and every one of them is VGA only. Standing in front of my main TV using the HDMI socket is not going to be convenient. It is either that or sitting on the bed using the composite port on the TV in the bedroom. It seems wrong to buy a £30 computer and have to buy a new monitor for it when I already have 4 of them Correction - it just arrived!!! Ordered from Farnell on the 8th August, quoted 3 weeks then, email arrived on the 16th, Pi arrived on the 18th. Not bad Farnell. Still no word from RS though.
  2. When I type ./getDebian it says 'No such file or directory'
  3. It works now. Seems to be that at least two posts are required.
  4. Seems I still can't download anything. Oh well, not too important until I get the device. Would have been something else to pass the time though
  5. Hello. Ordered from RS Components - 17 weeks Ordered from Farnell - 3 weeks Now reading up on the RPi ....... waiting ........ waiting ......

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