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  1. So I just got & setup my 1st b+ :-) 1st pi I've had. Installed raspbian. Didn't get asked for a login which weirded me out. I just typed startx I do wonder now about a few things like chrome offers 32 & 64 bit Linux installs. Can I even install 64? I did read that beginners guide but it seemed to end once the pi is up & running. I know Ubuntu has plenty of guides for recommended installs like mp3 & flash stuff. Is there such a first run ready to use some installs to consider to make your usage happy advice?
  2. I uhh.. have been thinking about getting a pi. It may be the most basic of its potential but I'd like 1 to essentially do media. Be my sabnzbd downloader/watcher via hdmi. And rock popcorn time. The last info I found said that freenode support was all that held the pm back from popcorn time. Has that been addressed? Assuming there no problems with sab on raspbian or whatever I feel confident I could get it setup. Just mainly curious if popcorn time works or if there are any alternatives. I did see one mentioned like xbmctorrent..sources from yify. Similar interface. Granted that was an article from May.

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