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  1. Just ordered mine today so excited I've have no PC that's why I have not been on
  2. Looks amazing I was gonna buy a banana pi but it can't run a Garry's mod server lol I need something like this but x86 chipset but small compact
  3. Hey glad your interested in a raspberry pi there awesome as for the os there are so many versions of Linux for arm chips now and also android so that is your call I like raspbian its just a modded version of Debian also have not tried pop so hope someone can help you with that
  4. SD cards go bad very fast ditch the sd card boot from thumb drive or external HDD or ssd
  5. Hey how's it going welcome too the forums good luck with your future projects and always be sure to share
  6. If you guys want message and I'll walk you thru it on skype
  7. I'm running the Logitech k400 with no issues
  8. Mine was about tech news and overclocking and gaming my site is back up and I work on it daily I am a stay at home dad so I have tons of time on my hands
  9. I am down to help I just shut down my site because I could not do it myself

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