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  1. I don't have a Raspberry :-( Verstuurd van mijn GT-S5839i
  2. I am sorry I still haven't posted something, but my computer crashed and I wasn't able to recover data (°~°) Verstuurd van mijn GT-S5839i
  3. Two whole members from the Netherlands, watch out for this! :-D But this is an English forum! Verstuurd van mijn GT-S5839i met Tapatalk
  4. Welcome! I'm curious to see your Pi! Verstuurd van mijn GT-S5839i met Tapatalk
  5. The Max is almost a full computer! Greetz, OB1 (verstuurd met/send with Tapatalk)
  6. Hi, Tomorrow (at 3/4) I will show my 3D drawings I have made in Sketchup, the cases for a Raspberry Pi. (model AI have also made the camera for the Raspberry which really for sale, but it is not 100% perfect. If you would like to see a case like you want, (color, the theme or a Raspberry laptop for example) post a reaction here! Greetz, OB1 (verstuurd met/send with t Tapatalk)
  7. That looks good! And it is cleverly done. Greetz, OB1 (verstuurd met Tapatalk)
  8. Luckily there are also adapters, (said in the post) otherwhise I could never use a Raspberry, with my 19 inch 5:4 VGA screen! (1024*1280) Verstuurd van mijn GT-S5839i met Tapatalk

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