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  1. I thought i'd share my new rpi project. Using the tft touch screen opens up a bunch of new opportunities to build. I am working on a "home control" device for controlling the ceantral heating, garden lighting and maybe more. I fitted the pi with an DHT11 temperature sensor, as well as a 433Mhz transmitter. The latter to control the light via the rf switches that go by different brands. With the transmitter the pi becomes the remote control replacement. To switch the central heating, a relais board is used. I have written about 1500 lines of code already, in TCL, to do a number of tasks: - control the heating (thermostat) on a schedule of times and temps - control the outside lighting based on the sunset/sunrise times determined daily via php - control inside lighting if there is a need to. - present outside weather info (temp, wind, rain,..) using an xml feed of the weather service - polling the mobiles of both me and my spouse via wifi to control switching the heating (if we're not home, no need to heat up). - Connecting to mobiles via an apache webserver - fitted with an API to interrogate all data and set values via other apps/systems. Maybe more future development, who knows. The main things left to be done is building a nice case, including the tft screen, and mount it on one of the walls here. A screenshot:

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