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  1. Hello everyone We would like to introduce you to our project Raspifeed.com which was launched today. First should be mentioned that there is also Raspifeed.de which fulfils the same purpose for German content. Raspifeed.com is a news aggregator that links Articles of English blogs which report on the Raspberry Pi. Thus you can find scores of high quality Articles from news and tutorials to interesting Projects with the Raspberry Pi at one place. Before the launch of Raspifeed.com we had already contacted a lot of bloggers so 21 Blogs with more than 1.600 Articles are registered by now. More information about Raspifeed.com can be found at http://jankarres.de/2014/01/raspifeed-com-make-more-out-of-your-raspberry-pi/ We hope that we can create a central place to go for Raspberry Pi articles. Best regards, The Raspifeed.com team

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