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  1. Folks, I bought a 3.2 inch display and downloaded the drivers/image. Not exactly a "professional" way of doing it, but the options were somewhat limited. It boots, and the display works. No worries, but it seems to be "stuck" at that point. In the PDF file it is said I can switch to the HDMI output with: HDMI-SYS-SHOW And switch back to the 3.2 display with: LCD32-SYS-SHOW It goes on to say it will take a few minutes to load the drivers. I have tried a couple of times and it doesn't seem to work. Ok, I may not be waiting long enough. But here is the real problem with which I face: SUDO APT-GET UPDATE takes about 15 hours (if lucky) and fails. Stupid me hasn't made a log so I am not sure why. On the 3.2 inch screen it is somewhat difficult. Then: SUDO APT-GET UPGRADE Well, I gave up after 36 hours. It seemed to be stuck on wolf farm....... 10% and it was on for 36 hours. I don't think it is going to work. My ADSL is ok, and I can get faster speeds for watching videos etc, but the downloads are coming in at less than DIALUP speeds! I want to get things UP TO DATE before I try all this again. So when I get it all "up to spec" I will make an image of the card and work from there. But for now, I have basically nothing other than the image supplied with the display.
  2. Help. Background: My PI is STATIC IP. It works/worked on my LAN. I took it somewhere to get a bit of help getting it set up as a NAS device. Of course their network was DYNAMIC - or at lest not compatible with the settings I had. I didn't fret on what was done as the person was helping me and we needed network access. We got the initial problem fixed and all was good. I got home and now I can't browse or PING any URL. Eg: google.com But if I PING it works. /etc/resolve.config has the correct nameserver addresses. They work by virtue that the PC is working ok with those as the name servers. Thing is: It used to work, now it won't. I edited the nameserver enteries to and it worked...... Go figure. Anyone? P.S. The /etc/interface/networks is as it was. It is set for STATIC IP.
  3. Sorry for the ambiguous topic. When my PI boots I see this error on the screen: GDBus.Error.org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1 error failted. An authentication agent already exists for this given subject. Sorry if there are spelling mistakes. I was trying to type it from the screen. I can't seem to attach a file.
  4. Well here is an update - well overdue I may add. I finally got time to try what you said. Amazingly it mounted itself automatically. It popped up a little requester asking me if I wanted to browse it. I clicked ok, and voila! It was accessible! But I don't know its "name". I don't know the command to list "available discs". Shall dig around ITMT, but may need help with that. Well it seems to be called sada and it is accessible from the "file explorer". I haven't tried reading/writing files, but I can browse quite happily. I guess things are looking good. But I may need a bit of help getting to step 2 - or even knowing what that is. I have deluge installed - I hope. Do I use tinyvnc or the deluge program to talk to it? Gotta do some more reading. Further update: I have it working! Woo Hoo! But I haven't started any torrents yet. I am a bit stuck in how to specify WHERE it puts the files - like on the USB drive rather than .......?
  5. To be honest, I have done nothing since. I am "stuck" with mounting the USB sticks. Once over that step, I can move to the next phase. But until then, I am stuck.
  6. If this is still being looked at..... Saw this advertised on ebay. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/3-6-inch-TFT-LCD-Display-Touch-Screen-Sain-Smart-for-Raspberry-Pi-B-Plug-Play-/141648033077?_trksid=p2054897.l4275 I am not saying this is THE ONE, but either this or similar. I am not sure if it is for the B or B+, or both. If this "plugs onto" the PI, it would be nice. Thoughts?
  7. Thanks. Yes, I am new to Linux. I have a bit of an idea, I use to use an Amiga and it has similar files but it has been too long to use it as a base line. I mentioned VNC only because I had it installed on an earlier version and it allowed me to look at the PI on my windoze machine. Maybe not the correct use of the word "headless" but I thought that meant with no local keyboard and display, which is what is will be doing. So: Now do I mount the USB sticks? I appreciate the MOUNT command, but the extras which go at the end are way different. Getting my head around all those things can be a bit overwhelming for someone like me with little/no experience in LINUX. Thanks.
  8. Hi again folks. My second PI is the newer one with the 4 USB Ports. This is because I am wanting to set it up to download torrents and the two extra ports would give more space to save files. I don't know the vocabulary so I am inundated when people speel off the commands, which I don't understand. How do I mount the USB sticks? Also to allow me to run it headless, I have installed tightvnc but can't remember how to make it auto start when it boots. Would someone please help me with this too? On a bit of an off topic: I have a C++ book for dummies, but that doesn't really help me with the PI. (more for Arduino) Which "language" does the PI's OS use? UBUNTU? So I can learn how to add/edit auto start programs, etc. Help appreciated.
  9. Folks, I am a "noob" as by name says. I have one with the 2 USB ports and have installed XMBC. I installed one version and it didn't work/install, so I tried another one and it installed. I have it working as in I can see things, explore network drives and view pictures. Playing AVI or MPG files: NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. It just starts to load and then nothing. Luckily it hasn't hung. I can exit out of the play, but I am really stumped to what is going on. I have a printed file of how to install the VNC program so I can run it from the PC, but just for setting things set up now and then. I appreciate running the VNC isn't a good idea for XMBC but as I said..... Sorry I don't have the XMBC version as it is not often used as it doesn't play videos, so there is little point. Oh, P.S.: The original one (I think raspbian) could get the weather add on working, but the new version says the add on is NOT COMPATIBLE. I shall try to find the time to get the version for my next post. But I hope someone can help me. P.P.S. I think it is debian XMBC. Dunno. Sorry as I said, I am new to this world and vocabulary.
  10. Update: The "INSTRUCTIONS" given and what really needed to be done ARE different! Fixed that problem, but now I have noticed there is no USB power. So the mouse/keyboard don't "work" - funny that. The screen is working and I am asked which OS I want to install..... But as I can't select any and press "go" it is a bit of a sticking point.
  11. Folks, I know I am way behing with getting the new one, but now I have. Got the micro SD card, coppied the files as needed and booted it. "I need network connection" Ooops! Forgot that that! Quickly grabbed my Cat5 cable and plugged it in the Pi. N O T H I N G ! I notice the new one has LEDs on the RJ45 connector. They aren't glowing. HELP! Tried a couple of cables, a couple of sockets. NADA!
  12. oldcity, Yes, I agree. But please understand: I am up to my eyeballs in this. I am playing with this, and arduino and other things. Each with their own "vocabulary". As these two are not my main/primary one/s, I get voids in what command to use to get "help". So: Granted MAN works, but remembering that command is somewhat difficult. Anyway, thanks. I am now slightly smarter than I was before. Still need to test it. (ofcourse, it would be nice to learn also what "changed" to make it not shut down too.)
  13. Thanks. Shall try. Shall research the command also. Dumb question, but for us "noobs": sudo - "SUperUserDo" shutdown - (ok, obvious) now - well that is when the machine is to shut down. But what does the -h do/mean?
  14. Folks, This is a curve ball for me. Until now: After playing with the Pi - which wasn't that often - I did a SUDO SHUTDOWN NOW and it shut down. The other night I was doing work on getting the HDMI resolution correct. (Now good) and so was done with that and wanted to shut down. Exited out of "startx" and did the usual command. ROOT ACCOUNT LOCKED - or something like that. It won't shut down. Sorry I don't have EXACT details. It happened last night and it is the next mornining. I have kind of just got up and am wanting to post this before I forget to. (Gold fish brain syndrome I believe it is called.) Can anyone help?
  15. Honesly, I don't know what I am going to ULTIMATELY do with the pi. For now it is a hobby. I am also playing with Arduinos, so I feel I am maybe spreading myself too thin. I have RASPBIAN installed now - I think. It shows the raspberry on the GUI screen when I "Startx". Some things I may do with it are: XMBC - but keep raspbian installed. That looks DIFFICULT. Putting a small audio amp on it, and using it as a "jukebox" to play MP3 files. This is very high probability for a use. Arduinos can't do this. But there are probelms in this too, so...... A proxy server for my PC. But if I don't have the PI turned on, what problems will it cause for the PC? Oh, and if it is used for PROXY, it may also drive a display to tell me how many e-mails I have too... Why not? It doesn't use much power. I would like to get the HDMI display higher resolution - shall look at the file you sent. I am waiting on the arrival of some components I bought from "evil bay" (first timer) so I can continue work on another project.
  16. Alas nothing happening just now. Am having a bit of trouble with the HDMI monitor. Though it is HDMI, I am getting LOW RES images on it with the PI plugged in. I also need to get some hardware on it for the I/O - I guess. Otherwise it is a bit useless. How about you? Coz I am sure I am still going to need help.
  17. Folks, As I now have an HDMImonitor, I can play more with the PI. I went to the "store" and set up an account. EVERYTHING I click on gives an error. Things like: error: 14077438:SSL routines SSL23_get_server_ehlllo:tlsv1 alert interal error. Like I am supposed to know what that means. Doing it on the PC is rather wasteful too. I shall try to contact the store also but I don't get what is going on. I checked the app needed - the pistore app - and it says it is installed. But it also gives a bit of an error.
  18. Thanks. Got it working. Now I have the HDMI monitor, maybe things will start to happen quicker with it.
  19. Don't worry. Worked it out. Sorry. But for anyone who is also having the same problem: Do as I said: Press 1 during boot then press SHIFT when you see the thing on the HDMI screen. Ge the mouse and click EDIT. This brings up the text file and you see at/near the top, you remove the # from the DHMI SAFE line. Note: You WILL NEED A MOUSE! Drove me nuts trying to work out how to get the things working.
  20. Hi again folks. The other day I got my HDMI tv back, so now I have HDMI. Until now the PI has been setup and working on PAL/composite output. Now I want to change the DEFAULT output to HDMI. While booting I Press the 1 key and I get a picture on the screen - very quick - something about hold the shift key. (Took several boots to read it and understand it.) But that gets me to the "install screen" - from what I can see. I don't want to INSTALL, I want to change the default monitor. I shall play with it a bit more, but am looking for help all the same. Thanks in advance.
  21. quick question: The /etc/rc.local file. Which one? I am still a bit lost about "ownership" of paths etc. What I understand is that if I have logged in I have "my" /etc/rc.local file, but that is different to any other one/s. Not that I have multiple users, but as I am not logged in yet, I am confused how that file gets looked at at this point in time.
  22. Folks, As the audio out is not exactly able to drive speakers, I was wondering if this amp would suffice: http://littlebirdelectronics.com/products/3w-mini-audio-stereo-amplifier It is 5 volt, so should be able to be powered from the Pi's power supply. As I am not going to be driving massive speakers, I am hoping it is enough.
  23. I have downloaded and installed tightVNC. To get it working, I have to load (on my PC) putty, log in, and run tightVNCserver :1 before I can get into/onto the pi from my PC. (I still don't have a monitor for the pi) How can I make it that the tightVNCserver gets run at boot up every time to save me logging in with putty and running it myself? Thanks.
  24. Thanks. But when I go google "how to install XBMC on a raspberry pi" and I go to a link, it talks about raspbmc and openlec. Which you said are NOT what I want - and are not what I asked for. Following the link on the page titled HOW TO INSTALL XBMC ON A RASPBERRY PI it again goes on with: The easiest way to install XBMC on an R-Pi is to use one of these pre-made OS/XBMC packages: OpenELEC - [ Installing ] - [ FAQ ] - [ Help forum ] Raspbmc - [ Installing: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux ] - [ FAQ ] - [ User guide ] - [ Help forum ] XBian - [ Why XBian? ] - [ Installing ] - [ FAQ ] - [ Starters guide ] - [ Forum ] Which I don't want. Sorry for hijacking your thread. But it doesn't make sense if I want to install XMBC rather than the other two. P.S. Further reading - to me - implies you CAN NOT install XMBC on raspian. It has to be STAND ALONE! Could you share the link to where I can get XMBC to be an "ADD ON" to raspbian? (P.P.S. I hope that it is raspbian I have installed. That is the one which has the big raspberry on the screen when you do the "startx" command - right?_

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