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  1. Ah brilliant. Pleased to here it can be done. Look forward to hearing more.
  2. Hi all, My name is Tony and I am from South Wales in the United Kingdom (as if my username doesn't give that away lol) I have currently got 2 Raspberry Pi B Boards and I have had them more or less since they have come out. I didn't really know what to do with them. I tried to put XBMC on them and managed to get them to work but for some reason on shut down it would corrupt and id need to re-install it so I gave up on that idea (Probably wasn't shutting down correctly) Any way I have had this idea in my mind for a very long time and now I think its time to tackle it with of course your help. I would like to use them to download my music and anything else that I please at the time and store onto a spare HDD that I have lying around (I got a few IDE drives here) I know this can be done as seen it on a youtube video but not sure how. Also I would like to access it on my home network. Hopefully I would like to control it from any of my other computers rather than needing to plug in a monitor and keyboard and mouse all the time to access it. Then from the HDD I would like to be able to play and see the items on 1 of my other computers on the network. 1st of all is what I have planned possible? Could I get both to work together to do this task (I just thinking the extra CPU power would help out allot) Thanks allot

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