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  1. Yes, surely it will be an interesting things to evaluate in future, at present we need to "formalize" the primary user interface to the system, canyou send me more information about your board ?
  2. We have created a little series of PoC to demostrate the use of Raspberry with a Xbee/Zigbee network as "intelligent end point " in Smart Cities applications. But to enable the real power of this combination ( Raspi+Xbee ) we have the need to develope an user friendly web application to monitor the sensors/activators/services networks in a "smart city" plan. Actually our PoCs are used to offer small wifi point of access, environmental sensors, service sensors like public light power consumption service, parking occupation sensor, "trashbin full" sensors and many others. Actually our PoC network can grant access to linux shell every single raspi+xbee point directly. Planned Web Application has no special limitations ( OS, Developing language, etc ) onyl restraint is that it would be capable to manage data in/out radio networks in a "close to realtime" and should have a simple and gracefully presentation layer. Anyone interested ?

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