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  1. run java faster on raspberry pi

    I have developed a java application to be run on raspberry pi. In my application, if a user clicks on a particular button, it will switch to a different screen. This is working pretty well on my pc, but on raspberry pi it is taking lot of time to switch to the new screen. To check which part of the code is utilizing lot of time, I have measured the time taken by different parts of the code. Seems like, its due to loading a new fxml file and display the screen using stage.setScene(scene). So, I think this is causing the problem. Is there anyway I can reduce time taken to load fxml file and to display the screen?. Kindly help me with this
  2. Move mouse automatically in javafx

    Hi everyone I am working on a project wherein i want to mouse automatically in java application. I am implementing javafx code in Netbeans and have used robot function to move the mouse. Thus function works very well in windows7 and ubuntu, but not on raspberry pi Actually in my project, i receive (x,y) cor-ordinate values for mouse movement from other devices using uart communication and i have written a java program to pi to receive the values from uart. In my program i am able to get (x,y) values, by i am not able to move mouse because robot function is not working So, i thought of using xdotool command to move the mouse. I wrote a c program to recieve values from uart and move the mouse using xdotool. This works very well and i am able to move the mouse on RPi using xdotool. Since this technique worked, i wrote a bash script to run my c-code(recieve (x,y) and move mouse) and java application in parallel. Now, the problem is when the java application opens, it loads a screen with new mouse pointer and is totally independent of c-code to move the mouse. Kindly, help me with this Thanks in advance

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