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  1. Hi, Thank you for posting and sharing this test. However i find that step 1 gives the impression it is in a widows environment I have 3 flavours of LINUX here and none have start menu> accessories . Perhaps changing / adding open a Konsol terminal or Command line terminal would clarify the fact that this test is in a LINUX environment as the only way I knew what it was is the DD command. thanks and keep up the good work
  2. Hi, I have been thinking about re-routing the LMSensors (temperature of CPU, graphics chip, cpu & memory usage) to a 20 * 4 lcd screen (or similar) using the Hitachi 44780 chip driven from the Pi IOS pins. The idea being that the sensor information that can be displayed on the main screen thro the Operating System can be seen even when the main visual display is being used for streaming video or audio (when the Pi is running "headless"(without HDMI display)). The problem I face is that I last did my software programming 20+ years ago so some pointers as to how to achieve this would be most welcome.
  3. Dual or Multi boot different distro's

    Hi, take a look at BERRYBOOT project
  4. [SCRIPT] change ip and temperature alarm

    Hi, that is a very useful script if you are away from the Pi for any length of time and it is running with a non-tech present to switch it off in an emergency overheating situation. I have been looking at the possibility of re-routing LMSensors information stream away from the main screen (TV) to a 4* 20 LCD screen mounted next to the Pi. The idea being that if the Pi is under heavy use ie video/audio streaming you can do a brief visual check on temperatures and cpu/memory usage &/or run the Pi "headless" for audio streaming but still be aware of the Pi state. If anyone else has thoughts on how this can be done I would like to hear as my programming skills are some 20+ years old & VERY rusty.

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