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  1. Hi, I’d like to share with you the opening of our website dedicated to Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other electronic components. To celebrate this special occasion we’re offering you a 5% off your first purchase using the coupon: FOR5 Use it at checkout to get the discount, but hurry up, cause this special offer will end on Friday the 7th. Any feedback is strongly appreciated, even better if you share the news with your friends! http://www.nudatech.com
  2. hey Nick, I live in north London, so maybe we're not too far! Hopefully the online shop will open next week, I'll keep you posted for sure. Things planned... I was thinking to publish few tutorials about ARM assembly programming, which probably won't attract most of Raspberry Pi users, but hopefully will help the few people still using/wanting to learn assembly after that.. we'll see, I haven't planned anything else yet.
  3. Nudatech is currently running a giveaway contest sponsored by Cyntech Components, a friend of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The prize is two Raspberry Pi cases, the IceBerry (left) and the BlackIce (right): You can enter the contest in 3 easy steps: follow Nudatech on Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and/or Twitter find the post with the 4 pictures of the two cases and leave a comment saying which model you want to win. share the post The contest will be running for the next 24 hours, so you should have plenty of time to enter, good luck! More details, full terms and conditions are posted on Nudatech blog.
  4. Hi, I'm Davide founder of Nudatech, a brand new London based company focused on Arduino and Raspberry Pi products. I ordered a first batch of Raspberry Pi last month: and since then I've been "playing" with one and I really enjoyed it, so hopefully I'll be posting few interesting things soon

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