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  1. Recommend you try RASPBMC or OpenElec and then get the YouTube addon.
  2. I had same problem with an old cell phone charger so I tried an IPhone charger I had left over and it works well on my RPi which has a nano wifi and wireless KB attached.
  3. You should be able to do this with Win32diskimager. Take his SD card and read image to file on your PC. Then write to your SD card.
  4. I think I solved it. I deleted those non working add-ons. Then I added fusion as a source and re-installed the ad dons from fusion repository. Hulu and Icefilms now work well. Guess those other zip files were corrupt.
  5. You'll need a USB wireless adaptor and a way to interface with your pi. Frankly I think the RPi is better suited for fixed locations but to each his own.
  6. I'm using an IPhone charger with micro-USB cable and it works fine. I have an Edimax nano wifi and a Logitech wireless KB/Trackpad dongle hooked into the 2 USB plugs.
  7. Have my V2 RPi with RASPBMC. I have Pandora and Sky.FM Add-ons and works great. Installed the Academic Earth Add-on and it plays videos just fine. Decided to install Hulu and Free Cable and it seemed to install fine. The menus show the various shows ok but when I select a specific video to stream, it says script error video add-on. I purchased the MPEG2 and VC codecs and entered the codes but that's not it? Any idea what else to try? My audio programs work great just can't watch streaming videos?
  8. Jim - thanks. The time was properly set when I used SSH commands but I never though to check under appearance settings. RASPBMC now shows correct time!
  9. I've got my pi running RASPBMC and Pandora. Updated to latest version and all running fine. Music no issues. Am able to watch streaming vids in Academic Earth. I decided to expand my horizons with other add-ons. Added Bluecop Repo as a source in file manager and then enabled Hulu and free Cable. I can search for shows and movies and when I try to select one and play it RPi tells me it's working and the will quit and sometimes even exits the GUI. I guess 1080 streaming is asking a bit much of my Pi? Anyone else have similar issues?
  10. Just got a new RPi and installed RASBMC. It's connected to my network via Edimax Nano wireless and using Logitech X400 wireless KB/touchpad. Installed Pandora app from zip. Working great as media streamer to my Samsung TV but time displayed on XBMC is 4 hrs ahead. I used Putty to SSH in and set locale and time zone but it still shows incorrect time. Any ideas?
  11. I've wondered same. My pi is connected to a Samsung LCD and whenever it's on the TV source want to automatically select the pi input. If I pull the plug, I get same msg next boot.
  12. Skdub22, That exactly what I want. What OS and add ins do you recommend. I really like the Pithos interface.

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