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  1. so the time to deliver this feed has come and gone for this year and I have to own up to reverting to a Windows solution. I have another year to solve this now and am determined to use the pi next time. Any more thoughts greatfully received. Colin
  2. Didnt know about that one thanks - will take a look Colin
  3. Have worked with VLC in the past but found it a little heavy on processing power requirements. But good idea - I will give this a shot over the next few days. Thanks Colin
  4. Hi all I have a need to deliver a live video stream in near real time from a mobile location. This stream has to be a capture from a USB webcam (preferably at 1280x720 HD) which is transmitted to a server across the internet. My current idea is to have the webcam connected to my Pi - the Pi connected by WiFi to a 3g/HSDPA enabled tablet device. The video stream has to be directed live from the Pi to my home Internet facing IP address having been routed out onto the internet from the tablet. Once received at home I have plenty of compute power to manipulate the image and present in an internet facing web page – this is not an issue. I have chosen to use the Pi for this as it has relatively low power requirements and can be powered from a small car battery for an hour or 3. The tablet can survive on its battery for 3 hours also Hopefully all that made sense!! So far I have a number of ways of capturing the image at the Pi but most of the options I have tried only make the results available to a browser that can point to the Pi itself - which of course if it is hiding behind a 3G device will not be accessible from the internet. I have worked with: Netcat - which has issue connecting to /dev/video0 Motion - which requires a web browser to point to the Pi to see the stream mjpg-streamer - again I have to connect across the internet with the browser to the Pi So - can anyone help me with a solution or any ideas that will stream the video from the Pi via a routed link to an internet address for me to capture. Clearly there will be 2 NAT sessions to negotiate here - 1 leaving the tablet and 1 entering my home router so this needs to be considered also. Or of course if you have done this already then I would love to know how. Many thanks for your time in reading this. ColinB

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