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  1. Just a suggestion - would it be better to link to the channel instead of the episodes ? That way you get the latest ones about the SD cards and also get to avoid the naked Jen video too :roll:
  2. Morph

    Case ideas

    Lego! - Morph Junior's first "mission" with this machine will be to build a case for it with testing. :geek:
  3. I missed all of the original fun and games due to being away and then other commitments (family etc.) so I only managed a pre-order via Farnell this weekend. I've had an email saying its on back-order which I assumes sometime this year ? Hopefully ? Being a child of the 80s I'm used to the 28 days for delivery (so... we meet again, Sir Clive...) so its not a worry, plenty of time to play with Python and other stuff - still it would be nice if it was faster or if there was any better info.

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