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  1. how has it gone with the PH probe on this?
  2. just worth a mention, the pi is single core, so it is not capable of running things physically at the same time. the more you try to multitask its single thread, the slower the response will become but it is more than capable of running a number of lightweight tasks "at the same time"
  3. this is a great idea! I own a 200gallon tropical tank and my external heater recently went on the blink, the microcontroller has went kaput. I've been planning on repairing it but this solves my lighting timer problem & this in one. thinking as well, a water level sensor?
  4. As the proud owner of two Pi's (model B rev 2 & model B+) and soon to purchase two more, thought I would join a forum. my first Pi I received for Christmas in 2012 where I fiddled about with it for a while but did nothing major. it sat dormant for 7 months before earlier this year I decided to re-investigated the media player. I loved kodi (xbmc) running on it so I decided to buy another two, for the kids TV and our bedroom and I'm away to spend Christmas installing Ethernet around the home until then I recently bought a B+ as my project board. I'm working with all sorts of inputs & outputs from light, temperature, sound, video, control mains electricity and so forth. with a good kids background in electronics (my dad was a sparky) I grew up using a science 300-in-1 kit etc. but it has been a number of years since I was a kid myself. therefore I will ask obvious questions.
  5. Im looking to use the Pi for a project that involves a system in a box, connecting it to a small tft touchscreen such as this ebay link Im lost at where to start with interfacing this to the video out/hdmi of the Pi. Can anyone point me to some decent sites/forums that would cover working with such screens?

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